GemPen® Premium

$5 500

The GemPen® provides professional users with the means to efficiently determine whether a diamond, ruby or sapphire is natural, synthetic (man-made) or treated (visually improved to increase the value). The tool is portable, durable and gives instant results. GemPen® is used to validate gemstones.

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Product Specifications

  • Hexagonal Pen Grip
  • Interchangeable Filters
  • USB-C Standard For Recharging
  • Dust & Rain Proof
  • Shock resistant, with protective casing
  • Highly Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Hard case designed to be used as darkroom


  1. Enables professional users to validate the identity of gemstones
  2. Can distinguish natural from synthetic gemstones
  3. Can identify treatment of gemstone


  • Diamonds
  • Rubies
  • Sapphires