Introducing GemPen®
GemPen® is a brand new, portable instrument for validating gemstones.
Founded by industry professionals and utilizing top-tier technology, GemPen®
enables professional users to:

Validate the identity of gemstones

Distinguish natural from synthetic

Identify treatment of gemstones

GemPen® works for diamonds, rubies, as well as sapphires.
Use cases & features
These are the main advantages with GemPen®:

In the field
GemPen® is portable, reliable and battery operated.

From rough to mounted

Works on diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Both with rough and polished gemstones as well as with mounted and unmounted pieces.

With instant results

Easily interchangeable filters, instant optical validation and GemPen® Academy accessible online and offline.

Test results
We have performed tests at the following institutes: 

  • Swedish Gemmological Association
  • Gemmological Association of Great Britain
  • German Gemmological Association.

See our protocols in detail »

“GemPen is the single best product for our company. It has increased our revenue with 3000%”
– Homer Simpson

Explore GemPen®

Hexagonal pen grip

Interchangeable filters

USB-C standard for recharging

Dust- & rain proof

Shock resistant, with protective casing

Highly durable

Easy to use

Hard case designed to be used as darkroom

User friendly

Portable & durable

High accuracy

Instant results

News and events
Learn more about GemPen Australia and where you can find us and test our products.